When Love Comes – Sound Syndicate

Following up his Top 10 hit Love 2 Love U Baby, Sound Syndicate delivers another booty shakin’, funky ass groove featuring George Benson. When that mesmerizing groove seeps into your SOUL, what are you going to do? And when love comes in the form of a deep, funky groove you can’t help but answer…

Andrés Lladó Mulet, the force behind Sound Syndicate, hails from Mallorca (Balearic Islands), Spain. That Balearic sound is evident from the first beat. It’s mesmerizing and makes your body move in directions it didn’t know it could…

As a DJ, he began his career in 1978. With more than 30 years dedicated to music, he has played thousands of records of different styles, from Rock & Roll, Break Beat, Soul, Funk, Disco, Pop and so on, to the news tendencies of House Music.
Sound Syndicate has worked at the best Clubs of Mallorca, Ibiza, Spain and in many other countries in Europe. The summer 2010 he has been resident DJ at the Club “El Divino (Mallorca). Currently he broadcasts his show NightSounds on CLUBFM MALLORCA. With such a wide experience as a DJ, he is able to fuse many different styles in his productions. On When Love Comes Sound Syndicate serves up a groove that will forever be embedded in your soul and is sure to ignite Mix Shows, Record Pools and Radio!

“When Love Comes” OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: July 3, 2012

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    this sound i like , very house music and dj apois aprove this great sound :=))
    keep on going jesse saunders

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    Mike Clark

    This should be a summer hit!! Definitely has my support

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    Michael Stukes

    Sheer summer splendor…… B^}

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