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On the heels of the incomparable 1st single NASTY, comes the 2nd single entitled What’s This FX.  Both are from the tribute to the Originator himself, the GREATEST HITZ Album. Already getting massive downloads and streams via the TV show “THE GAME,” these new remixes make an already incredible song a can’t miss!  

Polish super producer DJ Dervish lends his hand and takes the song to new club heights with his hyped up Dervish remix.  Guaranteed to have all booties shaking on the dance floor, this remix will be on the playlists of any DJ who wants to get the party started!  Jesse’s own Jazz Mixes will make anyone want to sing along and ask what effect this song is having on them!

The Greatest Hitz Album commemorates 26 years of House Music and is full of your favorite floor-fillers. Each one of these tracks has hit the charts and made you smile on the airwaves with that feel-good kind of force.  This is the 2nd step into the future of this legacy.

The Originator is back again, this time to take you on a musical journey through his Greatest Hitz! Known as the “Originator” of House Music, Jesse Saunders wrote, produced, performed and mixed the world’s very 1st house record “ON and ON” on his upstart record label Jes Say Records out of Chicago in 1984.

He went on to write and produce a slew of hits including Funk U Up, Real Love, Love Can’t Turn Around, It’s OK, I’m Back Again, Yeah?Let Me Hear U, Excited, Weekend and more. Celebrating 25 years of House Music, Jesse continues to stay at the forefront and set trends with his next release of 2010, the GREATEST HITZ album on Broken Records. Jesse has been featured in numerous documentaries, books and magazines including the award winning “Put The Needle On The Record” and “Pump Up The Volume.” He also wrote the definitive history with his book “House Music…The Real Story.”

On “GREATEST HITZ” Album, Jesse Saunders delivers some Old, Skool, New Skool, Funky, Groovin House hits that will be sure to ignite the Dance Floor, Power Radio and Mix Shows. Going for ADDS and REVIEWS IMMEDIATELY. Your feedback requested promptly.


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Track Listing (Streaming Links):              

1.) Dervish Remix       Whats This FX (Dervish Remix).mp3

2.) Jazz Mix     What’s This FX (Jazz Vocal)Jesse Saunders.mp3

3.) Jazz-Strumental      What’s This FX (Jazz-Strumental)Jesse Saunders.mp3

4.) Edit      What’s This FX (EDIT)Jesse Saunders.mp3
What’s This FX OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: July 13, 2010

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    This ENTIRE EP is essential! I will definitely put this in HEAVY rotation.. LOVING the soulfulness… And the Dervish Remix is a KILLER..

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    I really love the “Jazz Mix”!!!
    Also not bad… even more freaky… “Dervish Remix”.

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    Great Track Jesse! This hits it from all house angles!

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    Great twisted and flanger:ed vibes on Dervish Mix but Jazz-Strumental got the real soul here… Love it

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    Jazz mix is the one for me, so will support, thanks for this..

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    Jazz Mix is the one for me, so will support on the radio show, thanks..

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    pacey little number is this one. sweet vox and nice funky guitar riff in the jazz edit does it for me.

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    Love the song and will support at my shows. Mixes are nice,love the jazzy vibe.

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    Very Great Package, love all the mix, specialy the “Jazz Strumental Mix”, in programming on HOUSE NATION RADIO at http://www.housenation.fr and in my HNRadio Show.
    Too, in heart beat on air.
    Didier Vanelli

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    As always, DOPE shit! My boy throws down again…

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    Fantastic Production Jesse! UDM Show Hottrack next week!! The Jazz Vocal Mix is ON FIRE!

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    Love it. Gave you a PICK HIT http://www.idjpool.com/pickhitsdance.html
    Will ad to 1club.fm radio show

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