Twenty Four Seven – Cameo Drive

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Broken Records is proud to announce the debut release from Cameo Drive. This spectacular HOUSE release will have you chanting “Every day, every night, Twenty Four Seven.” With mixes for all occasions, there’s something for everyone to rejoice in. This release is a feel good type of booty shakin’ anthem!

After both being influenced at an early age in dance music, Jeff Dougler, Eric Latulippe came together as Cameo Drive to bring the world the best of funky jackin’ house as they interpret it. Coming from Ottawa, Canada, a top 40’s type of crowd by majority did not leave them with much of a scene to thrive in.

The answer to getting these boys out of the top 40 scene and on the road playing shows where underground house exists was in the studio. “Just making demo cd’s and playing the odd show in Ottawa for the small house scene just didn’t cut it for them. After a while we started wanting to be part of the bigger picture and break away from the local shows, and the answer to that we felt was to make our own music and to craft our own sound.” After making a few songs with the support of international artists like Phono Jones, and remixes by Didier Vanelli and Lucius Lowe, Cameo Drive is destined to keep the roots of underground, funky, groovin’ house alive and fresh for the future. Besides making and sharing music the boys from Cameo Drive like to have brunch 7 days a week and stay rowdy rowdy!

Going for ADDS and REVIEWS IMMEDIATELY. Your feedback requested promptly.

Track Listing (Streaming Links):

1.) Deep EDIT Twenty Four Seven (Didier Vanelli Deep EDIT).mp3

2.) Deep Mix Twenty Four Seven (Didier Vanelli Deep Mix).mp3

3.) Minimal Remix Twenty Four Seven (Didier Vanelli Minimal Remix).mp3

4.) Late Night DUB Lucius Lowe Late Night DUB.mp3

5.) Late Night EDIT Lucius Lowe Late Night EDIT.mp3

6.) Late Night LockIn Lucius Lowe Late Night LockIn.mp3

Twenty Four Seven OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: August 17, 2010

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    Check my page

    We can work something out Jesse!
    Daniel Furlong aka DanielJohnAsher [DJ]
    B.A. in Communication

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    unreal remixes guys!

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    I’ve heard Eric live many times and I am always blown away by his preformance. He’s a top notch DJ with a skill set like no other. Talk about creating your own future. His beats make your heart race and your adrenalin pump.

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    This is fuckin hype!

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    Love it. the beats make me wanna go out and dance. Keep up the good work.

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    Great stuff !!! A+++++ This guy will keep you dancing all night long 😉

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    heeeeeee wowwwwwwww love it!!!!music is my life and listen to beat like that make me wana dance all night longgggggg…… o ly shit this is sooooo crazy!!!! me like alot 😉 Eric, you’re soooooooo good!!!! do not ever stop making some beat like this oké!!!! xx

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    Eric is on FIREEEEEEEE!!!!! wout wout

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    Wow, incredible remixes! I can’t get them out of my head! Tune of the summer

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    Cant wait to hear this on Mambos rooftop. Gonna make Ottawa move again!
    2 Thumbs up!

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    Great track! Love mixes from Didier Vanelli and Lucius Lowe. Great pack !!!

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    Very nice grooving track!
    The “Lucius Lowe Late Night LockIn” and “Didier Vanelli Deep Mix” rocks!!

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    Awesome work…!!! I love it…

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    Great set of Mixes – Minimal and Deep would work for me – please do send the full versions ;p

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