THE DOCK – Matt Kelly

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Broken Records brings you another Floor-filler and timeless classic rendition from Matt Kelly! The DOCK takes you back to a time when music was music and it made you FEEL! This infectious HOUSE remake comes in 2 flavors: The Extended Original Mix and the Radio EDIT. We kept this one simple and got straight to the point!

Matt was inspired to “house-up” the original while watching Top Gun. “It’s such a classic track, that reminds me of road trips with my parents,” says Matt. He made a quick edit and played it in the club out the same night. It blew up on the dance-floor, as everyone already knows the song. People seem to really like the “part with the whistle”. Otis Redding was an absolute brilliant performer and songwriter, and this little remix is just a small tribute to his incredible talent.

House music at its best is the combination of soul and synthesis; emotion and machine; patience and passion. Without soul, the machines cannot create what the heart expresses. Without emotion, there is no connection with the ears of the listener. And without patience, the sound will never carry the passion that carries behind it. This is the ideology of the up and coming Matt Kelly. Matt’s patience and passion for house music has taken him on a journey, and an experience, years in the making. But, his patience paid off over the years as he learned a little bit more and more every day from people like Martin Villeneuve, Max Graham, Etienne Ozborne and a slew of other great DJs and producers divulging their tips and tricks to make better music. Kelly says, “A lot of people walk into the game thinking that they know everything and that they are making all the right moves. I thought the same things when was younger. But once you start realizing and knowing that you know absolutely nothing, that’s when your ears open up and you start to learn and grow as an artist. Everyday I try and learn something new about our music (with Production Partner Ian Durkin).”

For Matt Kelly, the musical inspiration came from his parents who put him into guitar and piano lessons for years and years, so he had a very solid music theory background. But, instead of doing the usual thing of joining a band, he was completely entranced by the sound of that four to the floor beat. Matt started off playing a lot of funky and jackin’ house music like Antoine Clamaran, Eric Morillo and Ian Pooley. After a while though, he started to fall more and more in love with the beauty in progressive and big room house.
One thing is for sure, The DOCK will have you singin’ along while your booty won’t stop shakin’. Don’t sleep…

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1.) (sittin on) THE DOCK (of the bay): The_Dock-.mp3

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    It’s a classic! Nice re-work!

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    nice beats to this remix, so simple yet very effective!

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    Nice re-work the 1968 classic by Otis Redding!!

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    great work really like both tracks many thanks full support

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    Excellent remake of a classic hit. Nice energy & production. Should be loading up dancefloors & mixshow lines around the globe.

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    Miguel garji

    Great remember version.
    Morning ibiza sounds.
    I will try

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    remake .. will enjoy playing this to a festival set i have coming up .. Soild One Matt

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    well, i feel little bit stupid because don’t remember the originak and don’t remember it from TOP GUN and for sure it is not inluded on the soundtrack…
    and probably i’m not an American citizen 2 know this track… but had months now 2 heard something this. This rework sounds (i guess) so closer to the original and the way that mixed with the house beats perfect…

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    WOW! Wasn’t expectin that bt pleasantli surpised realli enjoid

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    Bout to peep it now

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    thinking ….summer tiiiime!!
    nice one;)

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    Really nice! I love the original. This is well put together and perfect for the Summer!

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    Mark Tweedie

    Think he has over done it, very crowded & sounds like a remix just for the sake of saying it has been remixed.

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