ROBOTIZE – Jastar Novax

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– “ROBOTIZE” EP (BR-1018)
Broken Records is pleased to announce the debut release from Jastar Novax.

Jastar Novax is a brilliant and original musician with extensive experience in creating dance music (11 years). He creates a high level of quality Electro House, Tech House and EBM styles. He does not edit notes, and does not work from a template. He creates rare, but fascinating tracks that you want to listen again and again. Versatility is an understatement. He often improvises. He never looks for the easy way out.

Science and technology are constantly evolving. Already, Mankind can’t do without robots – soon the robots will fill our lives and become an integral part of civilization. With this ROBOTIZE release Jaster Novax moves the listener to a place where robots are an integral part of society, where they sometimes go to clubs… where people dance and have fun together. Buckle up and enjoy the ride…

ROBOPHOBIA is an Old Skool 80s vibe that will set the dance floor on fire!

ROBOTIZE is a surefire club burner that no DJ can afford not to have in his repertoire. When the crowd starts to sit, put this track on and it will ignite a fire!

On ROBOTIZE, Jastar Novax brings so pure ELECTRO for your listening and dancing pleasure!

1.) Robophobia: Robophobia.mp3
2.) Robotize: Robotize (Club Mix).mp3

OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: October 12, 2010

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    Very nice release! I like this music and recommends for all peoples who like discooo!!! Melodyc & energetic tracks – this is the main components for popular tracks! Goood music and welcome to disco sound with Jastar Novax!!! WOW!

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    very nice, full support!

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    EP is very energetic and exciting. All at a good level as always with this musician. Well done, Jastar!

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