Party Til We Drop – Delilah Latina Princess

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If YOU LIKE IT HOT, You won’t be able to control your body once your ears are exposed to the Latin Heat Infused EDM Beats of DELiLAH LaTINa PRiNCESS! Her new hit PARTY TiL WE DROP is on its way to the TOP OF CHARTS! It features passionate vocals that resonate and electrify the listener who will get lost in musical emotion. Following the music and her instincts DELiLAH hits that perfect pitch every time. Set over a powerful and fiery tempo with an intense, melodic expression, it hits hard!

Born to Peruvian and Finish Parents, DELiLAH LaTINa PRiNCESS was born in Miami Beach into a fiery, sexy atmosphere she grew up understanding what passion was all about! Now living in Chicago IL, she captivates her audiences with the fusion of different cultures and genres in an avante garde experience. DELiLAH LaTINa PRiNCESS‘ music is a mash up of EDM, LATIN, DANCE and TECHNO. Influenced by her Finish father who served our country in the air force. He was also a singer, songwriter and played in bands. After he passed away her mother married her Puerto Rican father and that is where her Latin roots were magnified.

Broken Records is proud to present a talent that cannot be denied with her release PARTY TiL WE DROP. The song is written by DELiLAH and features her amazing vocal performance highlighting a well known story to all of us. Remixed by DJ Vegas.

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