Old Skool New Skool, vol. 2 – Jesse Saunders

Old Skool New Skool, vol. 2 Cover Jesse Saunders presents – “OLD SKOOL NEW SKOOL 2” (BR-1133)
Broken Records is proud to announce the 2nd installment of Jesse Saunders’ OLD SKOOL NEW SKOOL compilation series.

The Originator is back again, this time to take you on a musical journey through the Old and the New! Known as the “Originator” of House Music, Jesse Saunders wrote, produced, performed and mixed the world’s very 1st house record “ON and ON” on his upstart record label Jes Say Records out of Chicago in 1984.

He went on to write and produce a slew of hits including Funk U Up, Real Love, Love Can’t Turn Around, It’s OK, I’m Back Again, Yeah/Let Me Hear U, Excited, Weekend and more. Celebrating 25 years of House Music, Jesse has been featured in numerous documentaries, books and magazines including the award winning “Put The Needle On The Record” and “Pump Up The Volume.” He also wrote the definitive history with his book “House Music…The Real Story.”

Old Skool New Skool, Jesse Saunders brings together the best of that Old vibe with the Nu Disco sound of today’s clubs, mix shows and radio! Featuring some booty shaking House Music, this album will have you singing, humming, and moving in ways you didn’t know you could! In order to know where you’re going, you have to know where you came from!

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OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: December 20, 2012

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    Now THERE’s some House Music that I’d wanna pump in my ride with the top down so everyone could hear it! This is what I miss! Thanks for continuing to provide the “real”.

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    thanks jesse for edit one of others of my work :=) like very much this compilation very very nice,have great sounds .house music is life is soul is beutifull :=) hugg from portugal – full support

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    Crocodile Soup

    Hei!!! really impressed by this compilation!!! Thank you some much Jesse, i’m sure this compilation is going to rock!!!!! Cheers from Italy!!! Crocodile Soup

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    sharon benatti

    send me a promo to send out

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    Great tracks here .
    Good work.
    Full support.

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    Old Skool New Skool compilation last year offered one of my fave series of the label. In end of twentyeleven Jesse Saunders is ready to release the second instalment, another one carefully selected selection of label’s past, current of the moment and unreleased tracks. This time the journey following more deep, jazz and disco house grooves. From the recent catalogue of Broken Records included Mark Mansion with deep and spacy ‘’Different Views’’, Alessandro Otiz with his deep funk of ‘’Don’t Stop’’, the just release new outstanding collaboration between Jesse Saunders and Mr Qwertz, Quentin Kane’s disco fever ‘’Enter The Dragon’’ and personal highlights like DJ Marcello Totti’s ‘’Check It Out’’ – track that will be included in my upcoming compilation ‘’What The HOUSE Needs Now’’ too, Italian retro house master Sound Syndicate with ‘’Everybody’’ – and Jesse Saunders party stormer ‘’I Hear House Music’’. New tracks like Web Noise Art’s ‘’My 80s’’, spoken ‘’Back To The Days’’ by DJ Apois will attack your soundsystem. At last one of the hottest new deep house name on the scene, Ludowick, included with a deep funky percussive track. With a percussive one Phillop Jo inluded too, but his ‘’Step Up’ is following more tech-house paths.

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    Grazie Jesse, for believing in our production
    good luck and greetings
    WNA Team

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    dj clarence"DOC"hosea

    love it

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    Plenty of solid tracks, have been supporting some of them for a while and will continue doing so. Keep’em coming please! :-)

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    hi guys,i listen this compilation and i like very much. this is the real and great house music ever,and have great tracks :) love the scary track of dj apois -back to the days,it was very special and well done . congratilations jesse saunders and all artist who made this all compilation made of love ,and old and new moves on dance scenes are great. big lucky for all

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    pedro sezario

    ho my god,this is very very very very nice. well done jesse saunders,love all tracks includ the dj apois -back to the days
    this dj have great sounds like others but this special track have a great message and its very well done and diferent of other sounds. congratilations of all artist who made this good compilation. cheer from brasil and portugal

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    nice tracks this compilation 😉

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    very good stuff jesse saunders, this compilation have great house moves and i like .i support this because have house-good -very nice-house music greetings from greece

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    […] Comments on new compilation are welcome at: http://www.brokenrecords.us/news/old-skool-new-skool-vol-2-jesse-saunders.html Download Link: https://www.yousendit.com/download/T2dmeEVRYTJJMHNQWWNUQw Radio […]

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    it was my pleasure enjoy this family of artist and Also Enjoy The Entry of my track Don’t Stop in Top 100 Jackin House Tracks At TraxSource Last Month!!!

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