Music Is The Place To Be – Igor Garnier

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The fabulous DJ/Producer Igor Garnier does it again! After taking it to the next level and making everyone FEEL SO GOOD about his last release, he’s here to tell you that Music Is The Place To Be! It’s not something just anyone can do…

Summer in Belgrade and FEEL SO GOOD set the tone for Igor Garnier’s biggest release to date – MUSIC IS THE PLACE TO BE is a powerful, uplifting track that will take you there! The energy is so amazing you can’t help but feel the vibe of this track throughout your body! This is a song that will put a smile on your face while your booty shakes to the never ending groove.

Famed, international Producer, Igor Garnier, hails from Belgrade, Serbia. Belgrade is the New York or Las Vegas of Eastern Europe and is always “on…” The party never ends.

Igor learned to play the piano at the age of 6. As a very successful pianist with vast array of international rewards, he went on to attend the prestigious Music High School and then European Music University with a major in Music Production, Music theory and piano and Engineering.

Electronic music consumed him in 2005, where he realized that because it has so many different layers, he could form complex harmonies and create simple rhythm underneath, thereby forging his own path in the world of Electronica. He managed to improve his studio equipment and increase the number of instruments and accessories that it soon rivaled many professional. DJing soon became the output for his creativity, the technique of mixing came easy for him as for all of his life he was surrounded by musical gadgets and his musical taste is chiseled in years of listening and learning music.

By 2007 he was headlining in various Belgrade DJing playing live. The music that he is making and ability to combine dance music with lyrics that have an emotional feel and over-the-top catchy choruses makes him one of the few young artists that are taking it to a higher level. His tracks and remixes are played around the globe on radio stations and in clubs. Come be in The Place To Be. House Music all nite long…

Track Listing:
1.) Original Music Is The Place To Be – Igor Garnier.mp3
2.) Instrumental
3.) Edit

Official Release Date: March 29, 2011

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    Igor turns to the real house sound with a super fat bassline track on his side and a catchy vocal duet. Yes, this his biggest release to date, this is a twentyeleven hit.

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    Nice old school flavored project, nice production & energy. Love to see a variety of remixes for the clubs.

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    original is wonderful will be in my bag for a while many thanks

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    Very Nice and Solar Sound.. Fresh :)

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