Mia Calderon – Lovely Fool

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Mia Calderon - Lovely Fool
Lovely Fool” is one of the many colors on display when Calderón shares her bilingual music with the world. It’s but one example of how her musical open-mindedness creates something beautiful and rare. It’s an exotic ride into the chilled atmostphere of a nite in paradise, reciting the lament of a fool in love.

Mia Calderón’s musical mix captures the psyche as well as the imagination. Her family origins—part Guatemalan, part Spanish, part Mexican-American—contribute as much to her music as does her fascination with everything Brazilian.  Armed with guitars and synthesizers, the richness, exotic flavors, and sensual but sophisticated feel of her songwriting encompass many influences. Nuances of Massive Attack, Bajafondo, Portishead, and Bebel Gilberto are weaved throughout Calderón’s music.

As her songwriting evolved, fate paired her with key collaborator: production mastermind Coolout. This beautiful partnership shines in the sharp production, smooth vocals, and syncopated beats of a song like “Lovely Fool.” Working with another person may prove impossible for some musicians with definite ideas and opinions like Calderón, but (unsurprisingly) she sees it as an opportunity to go beyond her comfort zone. “Cooley’s musicality triggers a bolder side of me, lyrically and melodically. He’s a genius,” says Calderón.

Calderón sees outside the sometimes-insular world of making music. She is currently on tour with a group of like-minded fashion and visual artists, the Beat Box Armada.

Streaming Previews:

1.) Coolout House Mix:  Lovely_Fool-Coolout_House_Rmx_EDIT-Mia_Calderon.mp3

2.) CHILL Mix:  Lovely_Fool-Chill_Mix-Mia_Calderon.mp3

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    Mia’s vocal with the haunting beat of the instruments winds their way into your body. Awesome.

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