MainLine – Jesse Saunders vs. Mr. Qwertz

Catalogue #: BR-1206

This one shoots right through your veins carrying your blood throughout your body to make your ass shake and your mouth sing along! The ORIGINATOR of House Music is back with another floor-burner.

MAINLINE flows right into your system with a MIX for any occasion! It’s the continuing journey into OLD versus NEW! It gives you that feel good vibe that the foundations of House were built on, while providing the NUDISCO sound of today! Jesse’s releases are always booty-shakin’ joints that you can never sit down to, and this one is no different! With Remixes from Mr. Qwertz, you can’t go wrong with any of the versions. The DISKO TEK MAD PERCUSSION Rmx takes you on a journey with an array of sound that you can’t sit still to. The NUTHIN IS THE SAME MIXES are all Over Your Face and take you there …back to the future!

Known as the “Originator” of House Music, Jesse Saunders wrote, produced, performed and mixed the world’s very 1st house record “ON and ON” on his upstart record label Jes Say Records out of Chicago in 1984.

He went on to write and produce a slew of hits including Funk U Up, Real Love, Love Can’t Turn Around, It’s OK, I’m Back Again, Yeah/Let Me Hear U, Excited, Body Muzik, Weekend, I Hear House Music and more. His Old Skool New Skool & Chilled & UnBroken compilations are a must have on MP3 players for everyone! Celebrating more than 25 years of House Music, Jesse has been featured in numerous documentaries, books and magazines including the award winning “Put The Needle On The Record” and “Pump Up The Volume.” He also wrote the definitive history with his book “House Music…The Real Story.” Jesse is currently “giving back” through his non-profit organization Music & Arts Society by providing educational classes for the school systems all over the USA. For more info visit:

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    Classic House flavored hit. Has hit potential.

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    some nice vibes but a bit too repetative for me.

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    BOMB! Love it!!!! full support! Thanks for the promo x

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    Another bomb by Mr Jesse Saunders and Mr. Qwertz, this Black Ivory inspired and sampled filtred nu disco thing can set the floor on fire with all those mad versions. Nuthing Is The Same Mix sounds the most wicked, Break It Down Mix Rocks but Disco Tek Mad Percussion Remix is the one for me, its’s percussions make this disco so sexy and exotic.

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    Justin Testa

    Really funky, i’ll add it.

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    Power disco house kickin’ dub beats!!! :)
    Pure fun!

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    My pick is the “Break it Down Mix”. Nice warm up track with a funky bounce. Added!

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    Really Funky & Disco Tracks!!! So Happy I Will Play It This Saturday Night!!!

    Keep up The Good Work!!!

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    Good vibes, solid funky groove. “Break It Down Mix” is my fav of the bunch.

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    Quite contagious, will download and try them out

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