Love To Love U Baby – Sound Syndicate

Love To Love You Baby How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… Sound Syndicate brings you a classic reworked to get into your heart and soul while making your booty shake on the dancefloor! With an infectious groove and that oh so familiar chant, this one is destined to be in every top DJ’s Top 10!

Andrés Lladó Mulet, the force behind Sound Syndicate, hails from Mallorca (Balearic Islands), Spain. That Balearic sound is evident from the first beat. It’s mesmerizing and makes your body move in directions it didn’t know it could…
As a DJ, he began his career in 1978. With more than 30 years dedicated to music, he has played thousands of records of different styles, from Rock & Roll, Break Beat, Soul, Funk, Disco, Pop and so on, to the news tendencies of House Music.

Sound Syndicate has worked at the best Clubs of Mallorca, Ibiza, Spain and in many other countries in Europe. The summer 2010 he has been resident DJ at the Club “El Divino (Mallorca). Currently he has a Radio Show called Music 4 The People at the Spanish Radio Station LocaFm (Baleares). With such a wide experience as a DJ, he is able to fuse many different styles in his productions.

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“Love To Love You Baby” OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: February 14, 2011

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    I Love That Crazy Bass Line!!! great work guys..

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    that simple but funky riff holds this track together!

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    […] Your feedback requested promptly: […]

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    Geat track, love the lazy bass.

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    Subversive! Pure funky, dope bassline and you, me and our love burned under the Mediterranean sun.

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    Wasn’t sure this could work until I heard it. Perfect update to a classic track – that bass is just delightful

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    I don’t think you can make this classic track any funkier… Good work guys!!…

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    Nice Remake Will Def Play It!!!

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    Can’t wait to drop this at my next gig!

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    Love these Housy flavored mixes. Takes me back to the original Disco Days. Great to bring this hit back to the dancefloors for new listeners.

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    pure awesomeness!! i’ll Kane this for sure! tooo funky!

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    Works for me…

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    Crocodile Soup

    Niiice work!

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    Loving this remix, has already been getting much love from me!

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    Sound Syndicate – When love comes – Broken Records

    Very cool, groovin’ funky shit!! 😉

    Please more of this!

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    Hot song, nice energy & production. Will work for many o four DJs.

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