Love Is A Battlefield – Natalie Parker & James Edwards Feat Trudi Mosiamo

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DJ/Producer/Underground Radio Host and Boss of New Record Label Project House Recordings, Natalie Parker is one the UK’s fastest rising female stars to hit the London scene in many years. As well as talent, this lady possesses charisma and class behind the decks and unmatchable passion for the music she plays.

Natalie was inspired by the original Pat Benatar version that she listened to and loved as a kid. She wanted to transform a ‘classic’ rock tune into an accessible, modern dance track with a remix package suitable for all dance floors. Enlisting the production assistance of James Edwards and securing Trudi Masiamo on vocals, Natalie proceeded to create a masterpiece!

She didn’t discriminate while she sought out remixes across a few different genres of House, Trance, Progressive and Electronic music. Lyrically and emotionally the track is something which means a lot to her personally. She feels clubbers and music lovers can relate to this track because at some point in their lives she believes everyone feels this way.

“When I start projects and tunes I always go with my heart, because it is important to me that I really feel what I am making and that I love it. It was a unique choice of track and I have had an amazing response from UK clubbers, Europe and Sweden where I gig on a regular basis,” says Natalie.

The Doctor Riboh Radio Mix is commercial friendly version the delivers accessibility perfectly and the Citizen 42 Remix is haunting with great production. Natalie’s own Original and Lost Girl Mixes deliver a darker tech trance side and with the Original greatly supported by the more underground scene in London and the rest of Europe!
Let the Battle begin!

Track Listing:
1.) Doctor Riboh Radio Mix: Love_Is_A_Battlefield-Doctor_Riboh_Mix-Natalie_Parker
2.) Citizen 42 Remix: Love_Is_A_Battlefield-Citizen_42_Remix-Natalie_Parker
3.) Original: Love_Is_A_Battlefield-Natalie_Parker
4.) Lost Girl Mix: Love_Is_A_Battlefield-Lost_Girl_Mix-Natalie_Parker


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    Broken Records does it again! They take a classic song and put an updated twist on it! Another smash hit!

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    There hasn’t been a cover of this song for quite some time – always one of my favorite from Miss Benatar. I like the Original Mix and I think the Lost Girl Mix – the snippet doesn’t have enough time to play the vocal. The Citizen 42 Mix has a phat bass line, but shoves the vocals way in the back. Thanks

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    Broken Records has a new sensation on their hands in Producer/DJ Natalie Parker. Her remix package of 80’s classic “Love Is A Battlefield” is simply extraordinary. From a power-hour radio remix by Dr Riboh to the floor-filling Trudi Masiamo vocals on the “Lost Girl” remix, the track has what it takes to be a hit. Remaking a legendary Pat Benetar track like this takes two things – guts and talent. Natalie Parker brings both to the table with this release. Jesse Saunders’ label never fails to deliver, and “Love Is A Battlefield” shows why the talent pool assembled by “The Originator” is one of the best in dance music. This track is going in my crate, but it’ll definitely spend more time on the decks than in the sleeve!

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    When Pat Benatar decided to release the original track back in the 80’s,she had an amazing storie related to the track itself!
    Great rework keeping the original energy and redesigning the beat into an intense vibe!
    Massive track

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