Jesse Saunders presents: OLD SKOOL NEW SKOOL

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Broken Records is proud to announce the 1st installment of Jesse Saunders’ OLD SKOOL NEW SKOOL compilation series.

The Originator is back again, this time to take you on a musical journey through the Old and the New! Known as the “Originator” of House Music, Jesse Saunders wrote, produced, performed and mixed the world’s very 1st house record “ON and ON” on his upstart record label Jes Say Records out of Chicago in 1984.

He went on to write and produce a slew of hits including Funk U Up, Real Love, Love Can’t Turn Around, It’s OK, I’m Back Again, Yeah/Let Me Hear U, Excited, Weekend and more. Celebrating 25 years of House Music, Jesse has been featured in numerous documentaries, books and magazines including the award winning “Put The Needle On The Record” and “Pump Up The Volume.” He also wrote the definitive history with his book “House Music…The Real Story.”

Old Skool New Skool brings together the best of that Old vibe with the Nu Disco sound of today’s clubs, mix shows and radio! Featuring some booty shaking House Music, this album will have you singing, humming, and moving in ways you didn’t know you could! In order to know where you’re going, you have to know where you came from!

The album is full of an ear bending array of sounds set this beautiful track apart from the rest. It features a stereophonic synths that will take you to heaven, driving, funky basslines, and rhythmic percussion that keeps your body moving!

Going for ADDS and REVIEWS IMMEDIATELY. Your feedback requested promptly.

Track Listing (Streaming Tracks):
1.) Cube Ah (Reloaded) DUB – Alessia Kay Cube Ah (Reloaded) DUB.mp3
2.) Cum With Me – DJ Ernan Cum With Me (Gruv Mix).mp3
3.) Don’t Cry No More – Ron Jameson (feat. Jhaytea) Don’t Cry No More.mp3
4.) Esperanza – Pablo Awad Esperanza.mp3
5.) Feelin Me (Gruv Vocal) – Jesse Saunders Feelin Me (Gruv Vocal).mp3
6.) I Was Born – Ron Jameson I Was Born.mp3
7.) In The Heat of Passion (Calling All Boys Remix) – Jesse Saunders In The Heat of Passion (Calling All Boys Rmx).mp3
8.) In The Heat of Passion (Funk Dat Remix) – Jesse Saunders In The Heat of Passion (Funk Dat Rmx).mp3
9.) Just Kiss Me – Romano Giorgio Just Kiss Me.mp3
10.) Nite By Nite – Splash Nite By Nite (Gruv Vocal).mp3
11.) ON & ON (I Feel Luv Rmx) – Jesse Saunders ON & ON (I Feel Luv Rmx).mp3
12.) Style – Ricky Texeira Style.mp3

OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: September 14, 2010

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    Always a fan of FUNK YOU UP very nice hit of a classic with a new spin very nice work. Good bridge from classics to new house music.


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    Dig the Ron Jameson tracks especially!

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    Nice package… :)
    My favorite track: “Nite By Nite”

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    This is the second promo compilation that got from Broken Records, Chicago USA. ‘’Made 2 B Broken’’ last year was a great collection with new and back catalogue tracks of the label and this new one stands on the top too. ‘’Old Skool New Skool’’ compiled by Jesse Saunders again and the house legend plays excellently with the words like with the included trakcs. First of all we can hear old school sounds of Broken Records, older releases like last year’s Cannyrock & Alessia Kay’s ‘’Cube Ah Reloaded’’ touched by Didier Vanelli’s Soul Power – Gibson Brothers latin disco anthem ‘’Cuba’’ cover, Splash’s ‘’Nite By Nite’’ from 2006, Dj Ernan’s sexy ‘’Cum With Me’’ at its Gruv Mix from 2005 and Jesse Saunders own house stormers ‘’On & On’’ remixed – first ever house track from 1983’’, ‘’Feelin Me’’ on Gruv Vox version and ‘’In The Heat Of Passion’’ – the last one in two different remixes all ones closer to the disco sound. Old school on the other hand we can name the disco era of music and Calling All Boyz Remix on ‘’In The Heat Of Passion’’ cos sounds like italo disco, the sound that was popular in Chicago in the early 80’s and inspired Jesse Saunders to create something new, what we call house music now. New School represented here by the new sings of the label like Pablo Awad, Ron Jameson, Romano Giorgio and Ricky Teixeira. Ron Jameson’s ‘’I Was Born’’ is a bomb, an atari electro rock disco house funk weapon, Pablo Awad’s ‘’Esperanza’’ reminds me old italo house blend with ambient house smell, Romano Giorgio’s ‘’Just Kiss Me’’ is a big room monster and open air crowd pleaser and at last Ricky Teixeira’s ‘’Style’’ got a pumpin’ underground sound that sounds so 2010.

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    Jesse Saunders has one again managed to take the House music world by storm with this release… And I love how this entire EP tells a story. I gravitated toward Romano Giorgio’s “Just Kiss Me” and Ricky Teixeira’s “Style” initially — those were the two most “underground” tracks on the compilation, in my opinion. But THEN I gave the entire package another listen.. I appreciate EACH track as its own place in House music’s timeline. “Cum With Me” — sexy. No other words to describe it. I know this isn’t a review in the formal sense, but I didn’t want to leave the one-line feedback that says “Great set!” OLD SKOOL NEW SKOOL deserves much more than that. A BIG thanks to Broken Records and Jesse Saunders for reminding us what REAL House music was — and thankfully, still is…

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    Judy amy london Bedeau

    Love The Album..

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    A nice package is this. Pick of the bunch for me: Cube Ah, Feelin Me, In The Heat Of Passion (funk dat), Come With Me and Don’t Cry No More.


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    Always uplifting phenomenal house! I’ll be playing some if these tracks at the Guess Marciano Fashion Stores in Florida. Thanks, Broken Records for sending….love the vibes and I’m sure the audiences will too!

    Dakota xo

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    Great collection of straight up HOUSE tunes!

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    I’m really impressed with this album. I love the variety of musical styles and groovy rhythms throughout. My tastes center mostly around “Cube Ah”, “Cum With Me”, “Espperanza”, and “In The Heat of Passion”. Congratulations on this project!

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    Jesse, this mix is AMAZING! Love it!! Especially ‘Cube Ah’, ‘Come With Me’, and ‘ON & ON’ Thanks for sharing! <3

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    A Fantastic set of Tracks! Love the whole feel to ALL of them – which grabs me the most? All of them! Excellent and Thanks

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    Incredible ! Loving almost everything on here. Can’t wait to play them out this weekend. Big up Jesse ! This is a scorcher of a release bruv.

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    Love the ALBUM

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