Ideal Flow – Robot Tracks

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Born in Los Angeles, Ideal Flow (Peter Cliffton) grew up with a thirst for music. Self taught on guitar and later forming two bands while attending school in Denver, it wasn’t until the late 1990’s that he was properly introduced to electronic music. Leaning towards the proggy/tribal sounds of the early 2000’s and then taking the leap and learning to DJ in traditional methods around 2003, Ideal Flow has now embraced the technology that is available in todays current computer/mixer and live PA setups.

The past year Peter has been producing his own flavor of tracks based mostly on the darker side of Minimal and Techno, but does not limit himself to one genre. His first EP, Robot Tracks, shows the depth and complexity of his productions. From Minimal to Techno, Tech House to Deep Tech, Ideal Flow’s tracks have been described as a thought provoking, wicked, journey through sound.
Citation Final is a driving hypnotic tech groove with a twisting bassline that’s perfect for late night packed rooms. Futuristic voices add to the suspense of this “police state” type track that will be sure to get the crowd moving.

Robot Tracks is a dark, techno groove that melds and forms its way into atmospheric robotic beeps, bells and distorted goodness. “F***ing dirty, soul devouring techno grittiness.”
Bird Whisper is a hypnotic, flowing minimal groove perfect for late night dark clubs. Inspired by a synth created bird chirp, this track twists and turns from solid groove to thought provoking atmospheric sounds.

Dark Night Long (Tech House, Deep Tech) – Deep bass leads this one into lush atmospheric whispering voices as it twists and turns with a mellow beat and groove. Perfect for late night closing track or an opener this one is sure to get the crowd thinking and moving in the right direction.

On the “ROBOT TRACKS,” Ideal Flow delivers some gritty Techno, Minimal and Ambient sounds that will be sure to ignite the Dance Floor, Power Radio and Mix Shows.

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