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Hot Beach is an incredibly, mesmerizing track that will have your booty shaking and your mind racing! It’s sensual, sexy Deep Remix will take you on a trip to Ibiza and fill your mind with all of the hott bikinis and tight bodies that you can imagine…Pedro Gomez aka DAEMON SICK hails from, which has always been known as the center for sexy, sensual music! He began his DJ career in 2005 at an after hours club known as “Sand”, in the village of Toledo. Before long, he was packing the place with his incredible House sounds. Influenced by artists like Paul Kalkbrenner, Alan Fitzpatrick, Lauhaus, Frankie Wilde, and Marcus Homm, he has managed to create a unique style, that can only be described as elegantly driving and funky! Daemon Sick has graced the decks at the most sought after Soho Open Air, Family Club and Soma. His Radio Show on Evolution FM brought him a base of listeners unsurpassed by many. Now he is Spain’s most sought after “celebrity DJ” playing exclusively in private events.

His first mixed CD was completed and released in 2007 and titled White Collection, which was a showcase of Minimal techno, and Deep House. The next logical step was production.

At the beginning of 2010, Border Records launched his track “I’m a very kinky girl” (under the moniker of Liquitech) with remixes by Kachu Mx and Edgar Monroy. His track ” Feel Me fire” was featured on the WMC CD compilation as well. With more releases on Judi Records (Nobody Knows Me and Your Love Is To Me), and Percent Records (A Lonely Time), and remixes including Groove Section’s Rollercoaster and Anmol Pinto’s Sushi Makes Me Happy, Daemon Sick was well on his way to signing the biggest album deal of his career with Jesse Saunders’ Broken Records.

Hot Beach is his first release from Daemon Sick’s forthcoming album of the same title! It’s getting hot in here…

1.) Original Mix Hot_Beach-Damon_Sick.mp3

2.) Deep Remix Hot_Beach-Deep_Rmx-Daemon_Sick.mp3

OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: December 7, 2010

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    Love the vibe in Hot Beach [Deep Remix]!!!

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    Beautiful track. Some of the sounds Daemon has chosen to use hark back a few years so their is an instant connection to this track. “Hot Beach” has a wondeful lush sound that makes the journey very enjoyable.

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    Good sounds with dark feel. Here we go my friend!!!! Good EP!

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    chloe harris

    nice melodic vibe here.

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    Love the original mix, the crystal beats, the balearic breakdown makes me feel nostalgia, nostalgia about the summer. Soft latinesque percussions around sounds like a bridge between the costs of atlantic ocean.

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    sorry there’s nothing in this package for me! peace

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    It’s a pretty good House project that could do well in the right clubs & mixshows.

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