Gotta Have House – BlackWhited

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Broken Records is proud to present the Belgian Super Producers known as BlackWhited and their Smokin’ joint GOTTA HAVE HOUSE!

Already a floor-burner in Europe, this track will set American and Asian dance-floors on fire as well with that familiar chant of “Gotta Have House…Music, all nite long…

Just the mention of the words makes you feel good all over and that’s exactly what this track does as it pumps all of the spirit into your soul. You can’t escape the chant, the melody or the groove. A timeless essence that will forever be a part of House Music!

BlackWhited is a group comprised of two DJs with House Music all in their soul. They quickly realized that to blow the Electronic Music scene up they must not become a jukebox but real DJs-producers-remixers. At ease with the musical instruments such as the piano, the guitar and even drums, Blackwhited incorporate those in their productions. They perfom live with their keyboard and samplers. Their atypical productions and their live sets drew the attention of the best International DJs such as Laurent Garnier (FR), Kaskade (US), Nicki Sanchez (BE) and Igor Garnier (SB).

Currently they are being play-listed on the largest Belgian national radios, some of their last productions are being played in clubs all over the USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Thailand, China, Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Poland and Croatia…

They just completed the European Apero Tour 2010, and they will be also present as guests for the first City Parade in Casablanca in 2011.

Kaskade: Love what you did with it! Can’t wait to start to play it out.”
Laurent Garnier: This works very good, it sounds great on the floor. Niiice one!
Nicki Sanchez: Looooooove the remix ! Can’t wait to start playing it!”

PREVIEW: Gotta Have House – BlackWhited.mp3

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12 Responses

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    Hot project with very good potential to be a great club & mixshow hit. We’ll be supporting it, for sure.

  2. avatar

    Great hard old school house music that is timeless. This is a really nice track and sound.

  3. avatar

    Love this! I want it for a show April 7th…..

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    sharon benatti

    old school house with a new touch of flavor..good job

  5. avatar

    now THAT is what i call Fun-Kay! defo supporting this beast 😀

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    If you send my way, I can add on to it something special for you. And then maybe you can take it back your way and add something more special. Then we have something special all together. But I don’t care what you pay me. I just want show my gratitude for your tracks.

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    I enjoy this song because it has a classic feel and a fun message. I’ve been listening to it at home when I cook and no body who walked by complained about the music. My taste is pretty individual where I live, so for them to not say, ‘eh what are you listening to?’ in a snotty voice, is a good thing.

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    Great remix, will support in Ibiza this summer!

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    I dig it, where’s the get it while it last/download link?

  10. avatar

    Ill play it, nice track gentleman.

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    House is a way of live. I’m all ready a DJ for over 28 Years. And i know the my life cant be better if i would not have anny House, Hardcore, Trance, Lets say Music in general. But mus say it’s a good , Nice Work and keep up . And never give up.

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    #real_house_music! #nice! D

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