Drop 2 Drop – Moving Cities

Broken Records is proud to present the DROP 2 DROP EP from Moving Cities. It’s full of “feel-good” music that takes control of your senses and causes your body to move in directions that you didn’t know it could…

The EP contains 4 tracks of exquisite deep feeling House Music with personality. Complete with luscious pads, effects, mesmerizing bass lines and angelic vocals make this a can’t miss experience!

Moving Cities is the pseudonym of the Spanish DJ/Composer/Producer Jose Rodriguez. Jose’s interest in dance music began in the early 90’s at the age of 14 when he started mixing records.

In 1998 Madrid was calling this young protégé’ and within months he secured his first major residency at the club “Long Play”, (which is located next to Javi Perro). He developed an acute sense of reading the crowd and breaking new music to an eager audience! By 2000 he was headlining the club Coppelia and after a year of sharing the stage with international artists he moved over to the incomparable Suite Cafe Club, performing alongside the great Alfonso Ares.

After years of playing other people’s music his path led him to learn to produce his own he discovered that making songs was his future. When his music education was complete, he created Moving Cities as his musical vision. He began to tour in such places as Barcelona, Bilbao and La Coruña. In July of 2009 he released the Moving Cities debut E.P. “Latin Lover” on Lust recordings. In 2012, he released his first LP “House Box”.

On DROP 2 DROP, Moving Cities delivers some soul-stirring grooves and melodies that are sure to ignite Radio, Mix Shows and Dance-floors all over the world!

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    This is my Broken Records, the 2nd generation of house totally innovating with vintage sound and futuristic look.

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