Deep Colors – DJ Spin

Broken Records presents the debut release of DJ Spin entitled DEEP COLORS! It’s another journey into amazing soundscapes that give you that feeling that you just can’t sit down…
Rade Sevic Aka DJ SPIN brings you an E.P. full of deep and tech house feelings….featuring nice, long wave pads and deep tech rhythms. Spin utilizes live playing with electronic beats to produce his own unique and amazing sound!
The first time when he hears deep house was in 1996at the age of only 9 years old. Of course it was the first music that I was listening. That was also the year that he learned to DJ with his older brother in Belgrade. Spin has embedded in his soul that House music is music with SOUL…

1. Deep Colors, I Feel the night Colors yeah dedicates for Long Winter Days with funky lead guitar and bass. Just lay down and feel chilled beats and waves, yeah that’s the sound of Live Music.
2. La Gitana has fresh and cool beats with a Gypsy Guitar riff. It starts nice and slow, while it’s motivating you to the Dance Floor…just feel the Beat.
3. Blue Sky is track dedicated to Beautiful beginning, and Sad ending of summer days. You can feel the wave’s and rhythms taking you to the Sky above!

Go DEEP, take a chance… Don’t sleep…

YourCOMMENTS & FEEDBACK requested promptly.

Track Listing:
1.) Deep Colors Deep_Colors-DJ_Spin.mp3
2.) La Gitana La_Gitana-DJ_Spin.mp3
3.) Blue SkyBlue_Sky-DJ_Spin.mp3


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15 Responses to Deep Colors – DJ Spin

  1. avatar mike labirt says:

    nice production will be adding to show



  3. avatar Jamie (CD Pool UK) says:

    Loving this sound esp. ‘Deep Colors’ & ‘Blue Sky’…

  4. Very, very nice! I love specially the first two tracks!

  5. Nice and deep! Deep Colors stands out for me.

  6. avatar miss crazy d says:

    amazing production spot on all 3 tracks will be played for a long time to come full support deep is where the heart is!

  7. I feel that Broken hide the for 2011. This EP is awesome. Deep tech cut ”Blue Sky” with the classic strings, the loveable, warm and emotional breakdown and the soft percussions is creating a beautiful atmosfear. Deep house sound of ”Deep Colours” with its funky guitar riff and sweet keys is probabbly one of the sweetest deep house track that heard this winter. At last the balearic floor filler ”La Gitana” must be selected by everyone out there for their forthcoming sets, compilations and radio playlist. Eivissa will get ready, ”La Gitana” is coming…

  8. avatar Dj Spin says:

    Thanks people 4 beautifull comment’s :) ill do my best 4 this album.

  9. avatar Miguel Garji says:

    Nice e.p.
    I will try ,sure

  10. avatar DJFerencP says:

    very great :)

  11. avatar on_vous_aime (dluv) says:

    Fiyah!… thank you and full support!

  12. DEEP COLORS EP by DJ SPIN / is good sound, nice, on mix of blues with chill out, on bass jazz 😀 Nice Like This !!!

  13. avatar incaelumfero says:

    cool & beautiful! I love those three

  14. Cool tracks will support!!!

  15. avatar dj hustleman says:


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