Come To The Cabaret – Alberto Psycho

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What makes an amazing timeless track? A producer’s ability to take something already amazing and turn it into a timeless new production. That’s exactly what Alberto Psycho has done on COME TO THE CABARET!

Albert Psycho began his career as DJ in the early 90’s, when the electronic music revolution blasted off in Spain. Starting off at a small Bar in his city of Parentheses, he mixed Hardcore and Makina tracks. He soon joined the team of residents the club Ben-Hur, giving DJ sets that were bold and rapid, making the people erupt with joy. In 2009 he decided to devote himself seriously to music production, yielding the fruit his work in January, 2010, with the publication of his first EP “I Wuz Here EP” under the label Border Records. He has re-mixed Spencer (Fortification (Albert Psycho RMX)) and Miguel-On (El Despertar, Dangerous Veils).

His new release Come To The Cabaret is an incredible track will blow your brains! The masterful production of Alberto Psycho on Come To The Caberet is already blowing up the airwaves all over the world! It’s what the sequel to the worldwide smash “Why Don’t You” should have been. This is a BIG one! Don’t sleep!

1.) Original Mix Come_To_The_Cabaret-Alberto_Psycho.mp3
2.) EDIT Come_To_The_Cabaret-EDIT-Alberto_Psycho.mp3

OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: November 23, 2010

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    ABSOLUTE BOMB! DanielJohnAsher

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    Thankyou very much!!! Many love!!!!!!

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    Always Good music coming from this label! Living life beyond the BOX.. Good record

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    Clever arrangement with a Broadway flare. Dine, dance, and sing!

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    Niuce project with hot dancefloor & mixshow potential. Love to have more remixes, too.

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    Very Smooth beats Thanks ..

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    Sounds like a BIG HIT, love the cabaret breakdown…

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