CHILLED & UnBROKEN (Too) – Jesse Saunders

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Jesse Saunders is back again, taking you on that musical journey into the chilled vibe of Electronic Music! Known as the “Originator” of House Music, Jesse Saunders wrote, produced, performed, mixed and released the world’s very 1st house record “ON and ON” on label Jes Say Records out of Chicago in 1984.

The 2nd installment of the CHILLED & UNBROKEN compilation series features Jesse’s patented SPACE MIX, which increases the depth of your experience on every song! Chilled & UnBroken Too is a sweet, sexy, up & down-tempo compilation of sophisticated Chill, Ambient and Lounge. This album takes you on a smooth, surreal journey. It’s soft and sensual with just enough edginess to arouse the senses, like the fine line between pain and pleasure.

The Album commences with the South African sounds of Zulus At Work with their track A WALK THROUGH THE CAFÉ, which gives you the feeling of walking through a village and feeling the music that emanates from the cafes. Next up is CROATIAN SEA by DJ Losyter, the beginning of a matrix where there is no space and time and your mind is free to be… FIRST OF ALL by Earth Is Flat resolves the matrix with a more driving AudiOasis of sound. FLEW DOWN by Lukeshara & Saul Secco is the epitome of that Balearic vibe from the island of Ibiza. Just close your eyes and you are there…When you open them GET DOWN by DJ Spin takes over and gives you an uncontrollable desire to shake your body in every direction possible.

The 2nd half opens with HOLY HOLE by Franck Orff. It’s a Deep, Dark journey into the back of your mind and the secrets that hide there. And just when you think you’re about to crazy JOY & HAPPINESS by The Tribeman saves the day to bring you back to that sweet, Balearic sound. DIFFERENT VIEWS by Mark Mansion takes you on a lighthearted and fun journey into real music and it’s genuine effect on your sub-conscious! There’s just SOMETHING ABOUT HOUSE that DJ Apois does not want you to forget. This is a deliberate recital of the essence and feeling that House Music brings to your mind, your body and your soul. And last, but certainly not least, we have VICTORY from Dragan Pejic which cements the vibe forever in your total being!

You won’t want to miss a moment of the mystical experience evoked by Chilled & Unbroken Too. It’s definitely stirred and NOT shaken, Chilled & Unbroken. I’ll take mine straight up and looped! Going for ADDS and REVIEWS IMMEDIATELY. Your FEEDBACK requested promptly.

Track Listing:
1.) A Walk Through The Café – Zulus At Work
2.) Croatian Sea – DJ Loyster
3.) First of All – Earth Is Flat
4.) Flew Down – Lukeshara & Saul Secco
5.) Get Down – DJ Spin
6.) Holy Hole – Franck Orff
7.) Joy And Happiness – The Tribeman
8.) Different Views – Mark Mansion
9.) Something About House – DJ Apois
10.) Victory – Dragan Pejic


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    Another outstanding compilation with very cool tracks by Jesse Saunders. Compilation is full of deep house with old school elements, with jazz spirit and poolside mood. My fave Serbian producer Dj Spin offers a track that its sound is so similar like his amazing debut on Broken Recods ‘’Deep Colours’’ EP. Dj Apois re:tell us the real story about house deeper and jazzy than ever. Lukeshara & Saul Secco’s ‘’Flew Down’’ groovy deep house sound with the aesthetic female vocals looks like one of the best forthcoming summer hits. My fave track of the compilation is The Tribeman’s one, the deep house with latin jazz infuences ‘’Joy And Happiness’’. I must not forget to mention that the compilation is opening with the already released deep house tune from South Africa ‘’A Walk Through The Café’’ by Zulus At Work that already playin’ and like a lot.

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    Zulu's At Work

    Thanks to Jesse for believing in us and thanx to every0ne for appreciating us.Big-ups to Brok3n R3cords,Big-ups to the Z-A-W….RESPECT.

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    thanks jesse for this :=)) hope you and people dance and dance and let the spirit flow music is a trip nice compilation :=)))

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