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Celebrity Status is something Moc-1 should get used to! With his skills and talent and a MONSTER first single, he’s destined to take over the Electronic Dance Music scene with his debut single “Celebrity Status.” Hard hitting like LMFAO’s “I’m in Miami Bitch,” Celebrity Status and Moc-1 boast not only a better production, but incredible skills, flow and delivery the likes of which have not been heard since Eminem hit the scene!

Born in 1992 in Chicago, Illinois, Moc-1 became interested in rap at the age of 8 years old. Throughout his childhood, he developed an appreciation for rap stars such as Eminem, Twista, 50 Cent, Jay Z, T.I., Tech N9ne and many more. Moc-1 would often be seen wearing headphones with a pen and paper in his hands, writing his own masterful lyrics to his idol’s beats everywhere he went – “a lot of people thought I was doing homework” he says, “…but little did they know!!”

As Moc-1 got older his collection of CDs and MP3’s influenced his own unique rap style, which led him to start creating and producing his own beats. Having no prior education in musical arrangements, he proceeded to begin a quest that would lead him to discover a hidden talent for music production. After he combined his lyrics and beats together and heard them for the first time, he began to be more intricate with his rhymes and started working more on his flow and delivery. Moc-1 says “I practiced over and over for hours and hours every day, and more and more people were starting to take notice, which was driving me even more to be a success!”

At 13, Moc-1 was performing for birthday parties and in school every chance he got. At 17 he got his 1st taste of the studio with Roger Adler, a 4 time Emmy Nominated Composer/Producer/Performer.

In 2010, Moc-1 hooked up with famed Chicago Music Pioneer, and world renowned Producer/DJ, Jesse Saunders, which resulted in the final piece to the puzzle – the result of which has produced the debut release entitled “Celebrity Status.”

Celebrity Status – Moc-1 (Preview) by brokenrecords

OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: September 6, 2011

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    SWEET… Congrats MOC 1 – Sounds great!

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    I soundts really cool… Gettings brother from Mexico

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    WOW!! This kid has got mad writtin skill, and that flow DAMN!!


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    Yo Moc, this shit is dope famo!! i got u…

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    TO THE TOP, mega props MOC, now the real hard work starts. Hold on tight! Give me a shout on what you need, we got ya.

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    songs a beast man, keep rockin the songs out! every song gets me pumped up for the next one, freakin awesome dude 😀

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    Mr. Steve

    Dood the beats+lyrics sound amazing. Your skills are beginning to shine. Stay with it

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    your song is AMAZINGG!!!! cant wait to hear more!!!! moc-1 is the BESTT!

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    Sounds Awesome! Your going to be a STAR!!!!!!

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    Awesome!!!! Here’s an up and coming star who’s going to be HUGE!!!!!

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    MOC 1 F*%#ing Awesome!!!! Can’t wait for more!!!

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    Super single MOC-1. Music sounds great as does all of your music. Keep it up and you will be successful without a doubt!

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    This Track is HOT!! I’m making room in my ipod for Moc-1, DAMN!!!!

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    man!! that song is sick!!! I can’t to hear a whole cd!!!!!!!!

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    Moc-1 is excellent!!!! He got my little baby dancing and she only dances to Usher!!!!! 1st cd was awesome can’t wait for the next cd.

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    moc-1 is so cool!!!!! song is awesome!!!!

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    Can’t get song out my head!!!! need next cd!!!

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    Song is damn hot!!!!! want to hear it on car radio!!!!!

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    Awesome! You’ll finally achieve the status we ALL know you deserve!!Your music is so beyond your years,you really have a gift!! Love ya!

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    Thats a HOT track Moc-1!! this goes HARD! keep blazin that shit homey u on ur way!

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    Mike S

    Sounds great Good luck

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    Sounds good cant wait to hear more!

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    Brian B

    That was phenomenal! That sounded so great! I wish you nothing but the best of luck with this!

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    DJ Spinner

    BrokenRecords changing it up…You got yourself a star in Moc-1
    I love this track! His flow and delivery is fire…thats just something you
    can’t teach. I’ll be playing this track live no doubt!! :)
    NY love! DJ Spinner.

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    luv’n the track and ur damn sexy too!!! :-)

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