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– “AQUA TRAX” EP (BR-1017)
ME at Night, is a 28 years old DJ/Producer from Germany, who refreshes your senses and brings you a clear innovative melodic groove with a big 909 kick drum that devastates the dance floor.

He saw the light of day in the early 1980s in Germany. At the age
of 9, he became interested in music. He started DJing in 1995 and became resident of 3 high profile clubs. In September 2002, he began to extend his spectrum and started to produce music. In the following years he was intensely engaged in the technology and production of electronic music. The Aqua Trax EP is his first US release.

AQUA TRAX is nice minimal tech-house tune that brings you a fresh summer feeling. It’s clever production fusing unique rhythm, tone and effects together to make an experience unparalleled. ME at Night handles his tools with such a feeling but always reminds you that his sound is for the for the dance floor. The mix between clear minimal beats paired with dreamy harmonies is incredible.

ELECTROSTATIC is pure Techno with a touch of minimal and progressive rocking sound structures for the floor. ME at Night develops his style more and more to DJ friendly and floor-filling techno. While other producers use standard presets or unmodified samples, ME at Night creates every sound himself. That is the magic that makes the difference. Clear, pumping tones vibrate the club when you play it. This track is exactly that what a DJ needs in his playlist.

ON THE TOP is a burning, progressive tech-house creation with a deep, pumping techno-soul that leads you directly to the dance floor. It’s a great piece with a genial building that constantly gets bigger and rich. You will freak out when you feel the amazing atmosphere built by big “fender” riffs. You will listen to how artful the individual sounds were selected – a monster filter on the guitar-riffs makes this tune a real adventure and takes you to ecstasy! On The Top is a rocket on its way to the top of the production tree.

1.) Aqua Trax (Original) Aqua_Trax-ME_at_Night.mp3
2.) Electrostatic Electrostatic-ME_at_Night.mp3
3.) On The Top On_The_Top-ME_at_Night.mp3

OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: September 28, 2010

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    Tech house, nice and deep and sexy the way I like it…my boys will love these tracks any time past 2:00AM -thanks

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    Immense. Can’t wait to play. On The Top getting full support

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    Perfect Bro!!!

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    On Top Of Me works is the one that Kicks it for me! Do i hear Professional Widow style beat in there ;)) Love It!

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    On The Top is absoluteley TOP! Like the others too. Full support!

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    Marc Phantastic

    Amazing work – FULL SUPPORT!!!

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    ”Aqua Trax” is my fave track of the EP but ”On The Top” strong funk and the mystery of ”Electrostatic” too gots its magic, their breakdown are outstanding.

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    Björn Unger

    like it!

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