ABOVE the SOUND CLOUD, vol. 2 – Various

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The Above the Sound Cloud compilation features some of the memorable tracks received by Broken Records via Sound Cloud. Sound Cloud has revolutionized the promotional file sharing for not only labels, but the Artists who have benefited greatly!

The first compilation received tremendous accolades, success and support. We at Broken Records thank you and hope you support this second installment as well. We are pleased to give these new, up and coming artists a chance to showcase their tracks to the world! It’s truly an international collaboration. Please support the Electronic Music Arts by supporting these DJ/Artists, and future Artists who are trying to make their dream come true!

The tracks featured range from traditional House and Tech-House, to Progressive House and Minimal. All will drive deeply into your soul.

Featured on the second installment is Alberto Psycho (Spain) with his track Come To The Cabaret, which is already taking the dance community by storm. It’s a new skool take on that old skool standard. He also contributes I Take My Chance, a hypnotic melody that meets a powerful bass and makes this track unforgettable! Up next is Siddhesh Sardessai (India) with Auto Naksha, a laid-back, special, technological chill track. Jey Pee Raz (Argentina) brings us Hace Frio, a driving, Minimal-Tech track that will have booties shakin’ all over the world! Mass Digital (Serbia) is the Man With The Red Button (I Like It), a techy, hypnotizing trip which mesmerizes the listener with robotic voices and Minimal sounds.

Daemon Sick (Spain) is spotlighted with his track OPENING HELL, which must be listened to with a true stereo spectrum. This track utilizes many distinct sounds to create and incomparable soundscape! Also spotlighted is the driving track RAIN from Ed Flow (Canary Islands), which is an exquisitely, beautiful production bringing sound effects, synthetics and hallowed voices to produce a soundscape unparalleled. Rapper turned producer/DJ, Dragan Pejić (Serbia), contributes SEXY, a hard hitting, sensual journey into sound. Phillip Jo is a producer/DJ with an edgy imagination. His track STEP UP hits hard, but gives you meaning. Deibyd Fernandez almost didn’t make the compilation, but we’re glad he did with his track THE DAWND. And last, but certainly not least, comes Anmol Pinto, a drummer/Producer from the UK with his track WHAT SHE SAID, a Progressive-Tech house vibe with good mixture of deep bass lines, sensual vocal samples and an epic build up.

Track Listing:
1.) Auto Naksha – Siddhesh Sardesai AutoNaksha-Siddhesh_Sardesai.mp3
2.) Come To The Cabaret – Albert_Psycho Come_To_The_Cabaret-Alberto_Psycho.mp3
3.) Hace Frio – Jey Pee Razz Hace_Frio-Jey_Pee_Razz.mp3
4.) I Take My Chance – Alberto Psycho I_Take_My_Chance-Alberto_Psycho.mp3
5.) Man With The Red Button (I Like It) – Mass Digital Man_With_The_Red_Button-Mass_Digital.mp3
6.) Opening Hell – Daemon Sick Opening_Hell-Daemon_Sick.mp3
7.) Rain – Ed Flow Rain-Edflow.mp3
8.) Sexy – Dragan Pejic Sexy-Dragan_Pejic.mp3
9.) Step Up – Phillip Jo Step_Up-Phillip_Jo.mp3
10.) The Dawnd – Deibyd Fernandez The_Dawnd-Deibyd_Fernández.mp3
11.) What She Said – Anmol Pinto What_She_Said-Anmol_Pinto.mp3

OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: December 14, 2010

11 Responses

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    Mmm, Sexy … I love that song sounds !

  2. avatar

    lovely pack lots of different track have my full support

  3. avatar

    Very nice compilation!

  4. avatar

    Good idea of compilation of varied tracks.
    Not into all tracks but suppose that is the whole point to get various
    DJs from different back grounds aware of the brokenrecords brand.
    Many thanks for downloads.

    Favourite Tracks
    Hace Frio by Jey Pee Raz &
    Auto Naksha by Anmol Pinto

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    I would like to hear DJ how’s playing ” Sexy ” in my club.Full suport and 4 other songs !

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    Albert Psycho – Come To the Cabaret: Big sound, great familiar sample.
    Pejic – Sexy Dragan: Nice, wide progressive house track.
    Phillip Jo – Step Up: Deep, sexy, looped-out late night tech house.

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    I heard carefully the compilation, but i didn’t like, not because isn’t good, just because is far away from my fave sounds. Allthought i discover two great tracks the first and the last one Anmol Pint’s ”What She Said” is a melodic proggressive house, i guess, that sounds beautiful to me. Also Phillip Jo’s ”Step Up” is another highlight. At last ”Auto Naksha” by Siddhesh Sardesai is my fave moment of the compilation. Love it, so unlucky that the whole release didn’t sound like this.

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    I would like to thank to all people who support this compilation. Enjoy.

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    Ouuuh!!! That “Sexy” Track By Pejic is amazing! Woooo.. Repeat!!!!

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    Love the last track of Anmol Pinto! Huge Support! Dan

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    So many Great tracks to choose from! well that is one CD full to lash out! Many Thanks!

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