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The Above the Sound Cloud compilation features some of the memorable tracks sent to Broken Records via Sound Cloud. Sound Cloud has revolutionized the promotional file sharing for not only labels, but the Artists who have benefited greatly!

Broken Records is pleased to give these new, up and coming artists a chance to showcase their tracks to the world! Please support the Electronic Music Arts by supporting these DJ/Artists, and future DJ Artists who are trying to make their dream come true!

Going for ADDS and REVIEWS IMMEDIATELY. Your feedback requested promptly.

Format:                      Digital Release (MP3, WAV)
Marketing Info:            RSS & Blog Feeds, Email Blasts, FaceBook Ads, MySpace Bulletins
Record Pool Service:   MP3 (320k) iDJPool.com, StarfleetMusic.com

Track Listing:
1.) Break The Beat – Me at Night Break The Beat – Me at Night.mp3
2.) Dial – Dorian Helin Dial – Dorian Helin.mp3
3.) Electro Mariachi – DJ Spin Electro Mariachi – DJ Spin.mp3
4.) Homeless – 2Shake Homeless – 2Shake.mp3
5.) In The New – Dale Degas In_The_New-Dale_Degas.mp3
6.) Lizzy (Panoramic view mix) – Jean Anton Lizzy-Panoramic_View_Mix-Jean_Anton.mp3
7.) Nervous Breakdown – Magi Seaone Nervous_Breakdown-Magi_Seaone.mp3
8.) Only Love – Ted Dettman Only_Love-Ted_Dettman.mp3
9.) Spring Mood – El Mariachi Spring_Mood-El_Mariachi.mp3
10.) Tub Thumper – Sean Rooney Tub_Thumper-Sean_Rooney.mp3
11.) Why Shake My Brain – Alberto Psycho Why_Shake_My_Brain-Alberto_Psycho.mp3

Above the Sound Cloud” OFFICIAL RETAIL DATE: September 7, 2010

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    Great compilation. Good tracks!

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    Great chill tunes.. Homeless 2shake is my fave!

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    ME at Night

    Yes yes ya! Hope the people will love it! Respect to the other artists and all the best!

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    Ohhh yeah keep it up guys huge respect! =)

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    A Great Album – sure to do well on any dance floor

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    Ted Dettman – Strong percussive groove. Love it.

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    Checked out Ted Dettman, “Only Love”, very hot, great energy with hot production. Has great potential to be a hit in the dance clubs & mixshows around the globe.

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    My fav is Break the Beat by Me at Night. Great compilation! Keep up the good work guys.

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