705 – Andrew Simpson

705 is a PROGRESSIVE HOUSE release with Trance Glitch and Chillout remixes to fuel any late-night party scene and afterhours club around the world.

Track Descriptions:

01. Original Mix:
705 is a melodic progressive house track with elements of trance and techno, coupling the many different influences Andrew has had over the years. Both the dark, dancefloor-friendly elements and and bright, pop-centric musical textures are explored in this 9 minute piece.

02. Big Room Mix:
The 705 big room mix is a shorter, original remix intended for clubs with a high energy level. It fuses the familiar progressive house elements of the original and incorporates the electro house-based fills most EDM fans have come to know and love.

03. Dyk Hillebrandt Remix:
Taking from the sense of story attached to the original mix, the Dyk Hillebrandt remix of 705 brings in elements of trance and evokes the feeling of a single dimension with a lot of different viewpoints, creating the flow of a journey.

04. Loopsy Dazy Remix:
Loopsy Dazy’s interpretation of Andrew Simpson’s “705” takes the listener on an epic journey led by Eleanor’s heartfelt violin. The remix incorporates acoustic and lo-fi elements with Andrew’s original synth work and other electronic elements to create a dynamic and organic sonic adventure.

Andrew Simpson is a producer/DJ from Montreal, Canada. After 4 years studying the art that is electronic music production, he has created dozens of tracks that span over a wide range of the different sub-genres, including progressive and electro house, dubstep, techno, and pop. With his classical music background, the versatility of his productions, and recognition in Canada, the US, and the UK, Andrew aims to satisfy as many EDM fans out there as he can.

Andrew and Mikey Dorje of Toronto-based Loopsy Dazy first met in Miami after they both won BT’s Stutter Edit Contest in 2011. They have kept in touch over the last year and remixed each other’s work, most notably on Loopsy Dazy’s Under the Stars, Loopsy Dazy’s latest single released on Broken Records in May 2012. With the talent Mikey and his group have when it comes to creating full length audio experiences on the fly, Andrew approached Loopsy Dazy with the idea to remix the track, knowing it would be extremely different from the original.

Indonesia-based Dyk Hillebrandt first reached out to Andrew as an avid commenter on his Soundcloud page. The two then networked with each other on Twitter, where the idea of his remixing 705 began.


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