3AM – Mr. Bootsauce

Classic underground at it’s finest with a touch of humor. Mr Bootsauce comes out at you with a blend of underground house and tech mixed with a little funk. Having always been addicted to the driving force of the bass, Mr. Bootsauce won’t disappoint in keeping your dance floor sweaty with “3AM”.

Fueled by phat infectious grooves, and influenced by nostalgic retro ranging from Prince to Faith No More, Mr. Bootsauce is determined to craft the next banger to deliver sweat on the dance floor.

Born & raised in Montreal, evolved in Los Angeles, Mr. Bootsauce continues to challenge his curiosity while raising the bar in different shades of house including deep house, indie dance and many new flavors of nu-disco.

OFFICIAL RELEASE Date: June 24, 2014

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