Broken Records was born as the 2nd generation label following the world’s 1st House Music label Jes Say Records. Both are the brainchild of the “Originator of House Music,” Jesse Saunders.

With “On & On,” Jes Say Records released the world’s 1st known form of House Music on 12 inch vinyl. The label continued to release hit after hit including “Undercover” by Dr. Derelict, “Funk U Up” by Jesse Saunders, “Real Love” by Jesse’s Gang and “It’s OK” by The Force. On & On was the first House record to be played in regular rotation on radio. “Funk U Up” shattered the barrier at radio by becoming #1 in major markets in the Midwest. “Real Love” blasted all other artists including Madonna and Prince at the commercial radio level by reigning #1 for 6 consecutive weeks on WBMX and WGCI (Chicago), hitting the top 10 at WJLB (Detroit), WTLC (Indianapolis) and hitting the Billboard charts as high as #25. Jes Say Records set the bar for House music everywhere!

Broken Records carried on the tradition by launching with its 1st release “The Chicago Reunion” Album, which brought together the world’s Pioneers and Grammy nominees including Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Ten City, Jesse himself, and Dr. Derelict a/k/a Wayne Williams (known around the world as R. Kelly’s DJ) on a 2 CD set of original and remixed classics. 3 of the singles “Yeah/Let Me Hear U” by Jesse Saunders, Baby Wants to Ride” by Frankie Knuckles and “I Can’t Stand It” by DJ Pierre charted high domestically as well as in Europe and Asia.

The label went on to re-release the world’s 1st House record On & On (20th anniversary edition) and the critically acclaimed “The Stripper EP” by DJ Ernan in 2003 on vinyl. These songs are currently released digitally as well. Read More.



Broken Records is proud to present DANi iVORY, a talent that cannot be denied and her debut release SLIPPEN.

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PPP – KC and Micksir


PPP is a journey into the realm of tech soul!

Choose – Avis Ellis


An experience into the world of a beautiful woman. Avis poses the question “who do I choose?” with mixes for all formats.

LOVEitation – Christi Mills


LOVEitation is a deep, enigmatic song which combines a serene atmosphere with a moving bass line. It’s classic house music with a positive message for your mind, body and soul.

FunkMotherpucker – Mr. Bootsauce


Who said you can’t mix hard and funky elements together?




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