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  1. avatar DJKAM says:

    Hi Jesse,

    Hope you’re doing fine.
    Many thx 4 playing my track “Feel So Good” for so long!!
    I really appreciate it!!

    …i would like to send you 2 other tracks (EP “Shine Inside” / the tracks titles: Shine & Burn Inside) that i’ve released on “Plasmapool” Germany but the guys didn’t do much to spread them. :-(

    Unfortunately i can’t pay at this time but as soon as i am back on top of things off course i will donate more to your channel, since you have given my track so much support!

    Please let me know if thats ok with you & where i can send you the link 4 downlad.

    Cheers & a good day

  2. avatar Sash1m1 says:

    Hi !
    I am a young Parisian DJ 17 years.
    I’m a big fan of underground deep house and I apprecis Enormously your label.
    I am a producer and I produce an EP of two songs, is the underground deep house.
    I hope you like it!

    Tell me what you think …


    Soundcloud link: https: //

  3. avatar Ellie says:


    Hello I’m trying to licence this track that you remixed in 1984 but I can’t find a contact at Precision Records it probably doesn’t exist any more. Can you help? Gwendolyn – Come To Me. I understand you wrote and produced it. Thanks


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