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La’Domour, aka Myron Thurmond, a native of Detroit Michigan, brings to the table a unique blend of smooth funk, r&b, rock and sexual jazz. La’Domour began his endeavors in music at the age of seven performing for his peers and classmates on the class piano. His most requested songs were ‘In The Key of Life”, by Stevie Wonder, and theme song from Charlie Brown. He was encouraged by his performances, and thus led him to pursue a career in music.

By the time La’Domour reached middle school, he was able to compose, write, and perform music in its entirety, while learning to play several other instruments. Upon entering high school he began to participate in talent shows. During his sophomore year, he formed a band named “Parish”. They entered their first talent show, and won first place. La’Domour realized while performing with others, his style was different from everyone else’s, so he made the decision to become a solo artist.

Now a skillful and accomplished artist with four albums under his belt, La’Domour brings to you his fifth album, “XXXtacy”. This album contains a erotic blend or smooth funk, r&b, rock and sexual jazz. His music will arouse your mind and seduce your soul. It is certain that La’Domour is here to stay. La’Domour looks forward to embracing his future within the music industry, and introducing his music to the world. His ultimate goal is to give the world a piece of him through his music. His message is of peace and love. His desire is to explore the souls of all people regardless of age, race and cultural beliefs. Because of his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, he has been able to achieve all things through him, in his music and his life as well!

Pure hood XXXtacy Available May 22, 2016

1st Single: “Get Laid”

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