Funky House Tribe

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George Vibe & Jerry Martinez, Friends for many years with the same interest in music. George Vibe has been a night club dj for over 15 years and Jerry Martinez has been involved with music since his high school years. Jerry Martinez is a graduate of MI (Musicians Institution) in Hollywood, Ca. George Vibe’s musical style varies from hip-hop to 80’s to the genre that he loves and keeps close to his heart, House Music. Many said that house music in Los Angeles is dead and no one listens to house anymore. Although, in some cases it might have been true for a while, that’s not the case anymore. House music is bigger and better than before. House music is a universal language that people all over the world can understand and appreciate. George Vibe and Jerry Martinez both appreciate what house music is all about. Together with Jerry’s engineering experience and Vibe’s many years of dj’ing in night clubs have now partnered up to make the collaboration team “Funky House Tribe” based out of Los Angeles bringing some funky,jazzy, disco, sounds!

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    Okhai Diana

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