Broken Records US

Broken Records was born as the 2nd generation label following the world’s 1st House Music label Jes Say Records. Both are the brainchild of the “Originator of House Music,” Jesse Saunders.

With “On & On,” Jes Say Records released the world’s 1st known form of House Music on 12 inch vinyl. The label continued to release hit after hit including “Undercover” by Dr. Derelict, “Funk U Up” by Jesse Saunders, “Real Love” by Jesse’s Gang and “It’s OK” by The Force. On & On was the first House record to be played in regular rotation on radio. “Funk U Up” shattered the barrier at radio by becoming #1 in major markets in the Midwest. “Real Love” blasted all other artists including Madonna and Prince at the commercial radio level by reigning #1 for 6 consecutive weeks on WBMX and WGCI (Chicago), hitting the top 10 at WJLB (Detroit), WTLC (Indianapolis) and hitting the Billboard charts as high as #25. Jes Say Records set the bar for House music everywhere!

Broken Records carried on the tradition by launching with its 1st release “The Chicago Reunion” Album, which brought together the world’s Pioneers and Grammy nominees including Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Ten City, Jesse himself, and Dr. Derelict a/k/a Wayne Williams (known around the world as R. Kelly’s DJ) on a 2 CD set of original and remixed classics. 3 of the singles “Yeah/Let Me Hear U” by Jesse Saunders, Baby Wants to Ride” by Frankie Knuckles and “I Can’t Stand It” by DJ Pierre charted high domestically as well as in Europe and Asia.

The label went on to re-release the world’s 1st House record On & On (20th anniversary edition) and the critically acclaimed “The Stripper EP” by DJ Ernan in 2003 on vinyl. These songs are currently released digitally as well.

2004/2005 were revolutionary with the signing of a major digital distribution deal with The first releases “Everybody” Jesse Saunders, “Sigue Me” DJ Ernan, “So N Luv” Angel, the 20th anniversary compilation (On & On, Funk U Up), Fuck It” Jesse Saunders vs. Eamon all charted on iTunes and garnered tremendous Digital sales.

2008 things really began to pick up with digital releases becoming a mainstay in pop culture. Broken Records released a new set of ON & ON remixes as well as the Jesse Saunders album entitled House Muzik. House Muzik Album featured the singles Luv 2 Luv U, Feelin Me, Excited, Body Muzik and Weekend, all of which hit the top 20 in sales on all major retailers including iTunes! Broken Records also branched out into the distribution world picking up labels such as Boogs Music (UK), Phatt Rabbit, Groove Theory Muzik and Stranamente Music (Italy). Other notable releases of 2008 from Broken Records & Distribution include Cube Ah by Alessia Kay & Cannyrock, Breath of Life by Funky Groover, Paradise by Seria, Welcome 2 My House by Lucius Lowe and Samba Rimet by Laera.

2009 marked the Silver Anniversary of House Music and the commemorative album entitled the “25th Anniversary Album” by Jesse Saunders, which hit Top 20 at most major retailers and blew up on internet radio and mix shows. Other notable releases of 2009 include I Dreamed A Dream and Little Drummer Boy by the “Regal Mizz,” Sarah Spiegel, Pure Love by Scott Langley, Love Can’t Turn Around (2009) by Didier Vanelli vs. Farley “Jackmaster” Funk & Jesse Saunders and Change Is Coming by 2 Drunk 2 Funk vs. DJ K, which is a tribute to the inauguration of Barak Obama as the USA’s first African America President! It also marked the start of the PLAYER PROMO, which takes digital and viral marketing into the stratosphere!

2010 brought a new venture that Broken Records is proud to be a part of. It’s a tribute and preservation entity for House & Electronic Music. It’s called the Electronic Music Café and boasts support from House-Headz around the world! Tune in 24/7 to to see and hear the world’s best DJs and releases. Together, these 2 entities bring you the best in branding, marketing and distribution, while preserving the rich history of Electronic Music!

In 2010 Broken Records featured releases were Minimal Life on Marz by Steve Cole, Better Days by Inaya Day, NASTY and The Greatest Hitz Album by Jesse Saunders, the CHilled & UnBroken Chill out series began as well as the Old Skool New SKool series. Both have received Rave reviews!

2011 brought incomparable releases such as Time Is Now by Inaya Day, Celebrity Status by the amazing Rap Artist, Moc-1, Above The Sound Cloud series 3 featuring more up and coming Producers from around the world, I Hear House Music and House Music Buffet by the Originator and the 2nd installment of Old Skool New Skool.

In the future, we will be branching into RnB and Hip Hop, as well as Pop/Alternative, but everything will always have a good HOUSE MIX. The original tradition of innovation and quality continues 27 years into the future on BROKEN RECORDS!